Court Officials Committee (ABCOC)

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The Badminton Australia Court Officials Committee (ABCOC) is responsible for the development and management of court officials nationally. ABCOC. in conjunction with State/Territories Court Officials Committees ensures there are qualified umpires, referees and line judges to officiate at local, State, National and International tournaments.

ABCOC Members

Peter Cocker QLD - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Greg Vellacott WA - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sandra David Vic - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jane Wheatley - WA - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kay Coady - VIC - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kathryn Blencowe – VIC - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tristan Clow - QLD
Hung Bui – NSW- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee Objectives

The objectives of the Committee are to:

  • achieve, improve and maintain uniformity and standards of umpiring and refereeing throughout Australia and in all matches under Badminton Australia’s jurisdiction;
  • assist in the provision of suitably qualified umpires, line judges and court officials for international matches;
  • liaise with other organisations on matters relevant to improving refereeing and umpiring standards and expertise in Australia;
  • give Branch Committees the right to organise courses and training of umpires and referees within their own States/Territory contexts;
  • train and approve all referees except Level III (National). Referees are recommended to Badminton Australia for endorsement.

Committee Operations

  • The Committee is directly responsible to the Board and submits Annual Reports and Financial statements to the BA Office by 31 July each year.
  • The spokesperson for ABCOC is responsible for the internal business of the Committee, and reports to the Board, and has a deliberative and casting vote at Committee meetings.
  • The business of the Committee is normally carried out by correspondence, although efforts are made for meetings to be convened whenever possible.
  • The quorum for meetings is three members of the Committee.
  • One meeting is held each year at a venue approved by the Board, and with travel costs covered by the BA. This does not preclude further meetings at the discretion of the Committee with travel costs being met at the discretion of the Board.
  • Items for discussion on the agenda of the meeting are to be invited from BA Member Associations where no Branch Committees have been set up, and copies of the final agenda shall be sent to all Badminton Australia Members.
  • Any vacancy on ABCOC for any reason is filled by the Board from nominations submitted by BA Members.
  • Until such vacancy is filled, the Committee may co-opt any person it wishes, in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Court Officials Branch Committee

  • ABCOC operates through a Branch Committee in each State/Territory.
  • Branch Committees are controlled by the relevant BA Member Association.
  • The rules under which each Branch Committee operates is determined by the relevant Member, and is submitted to ABCOC for comment and approval.
  • The organisation of each Branch Committee includes a Secretary/Treasurer, who is usually the person through whom all ABCOC correspondence and business is channelled.
  • Information required by any Branch Committee from sources outside Australia will be submitted to ABCOC spokesperson for necessary action.
  • Committees are responsible for the conduct of training courses and examinations for prospective umpires and referees.
  • All examinations conducted are to be to the standards set and distributed by ABCOC, which has the authority to call for completed examination papers for perusal. In addition, any Committee member may check at any time any course or examination being conducted, so that the maintenance of set standards may be assured.
  • Each Branch Committee is responsible for the provision of qualified umpires and referees wherever required within the relevant State/Territory.
  • The Committee may arrange to provide members with uniforms, at the member's cost, of a style and colour approved by Badminton Australia, whereon the member may affix his badges of status.

ABCOC supplies the following to the Branch Committees:

  • Certificates for those who have achieved the grades of Umpire, State Umpire or National Umpire or Referee.
  • Notes or instructional material for umpires and referee's courses.
  • Examination procedures and typical examination papers.
  • Other training materials as are available.
  • Financial grants / assistance to support Branch Committees objectives, subject to the availability of funds.
  • A badge of a style and design to be determined from time to time by Badminton Australia, to be worn on official umpiring and refereeing duties.
  • The badge shall identify the status of the holder, and is not transferable.
  • It is desirable that a qualified referee wear a red jacket at assignments and a non qualified referee wear an armband inscribed with “REFEREE”.
  • The right to use any badge, jacket or armband ceases when the relevant status is withdrawn.
  • Status may be withdrawn from State and National Umpires and Referees who do not participate in umpiring or refereeing throughout the year to the satisfaction of the Committee. Withdrawn badges shall be returned immediately to ABCOC.
  • The Committee may, from time to time, develop guidelines for reinstatement of any umpires under the appropriate procedure.
  • All classes of umpires and referees are issued with the approved badges.

Reports and Correspondence

  • Each Branch Committee submits a report to the Committee each year on the current status of its umpires and referees.
  • Reports are forwarded by the ABCOC spokesperson so that matters contained in such reports may be included in the ABCOC Annual Report presented to BA 31 July each year.
  • All correspondence between ABCOC and the Branch Committees is copied in to the BA Office and the Secretary of the BA Member Association to which the Branch Committee is affiliated.

Nomination for ABCOC

The ABCOC consists of members nominated by the State/Territory Associations and appointed by the Board. ABCOC must include among its number at least one practicing umpire and on practising referee.

Applications to be a member of the ABCOC must be made to Badminton Australia on the appropriate nomination form by 30 September each year. Please contact the Badminton Australia (03) 9397 4722.

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