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Shuttle Time is the Badminton World Federation (BWF) schools badminton programme supporting the principle that children should lead a healthy and active life, both in and out of school. Shuttle Time lessons are designed to provide children with a positive image of badminton through many opportunities to have fun, engage with others and experience success. Since its launch in 2012 Shuttle Time has expanded considerably and is currently being implemented in over 105 countries and including Australia. Shuttle Time offers access to free resources in at least 17 languages, training and equipment, which support the teaching of enjoyable, safe and inclusive badminton activities to children aged 5-15 years old.



  • FREE Teaching Resources (Teacher Manual, 22 Lesson Plans, 92 Video Clips) 
  • Fun, safe and socially inclusive
  • Accessible indoors and outdoors
  • Mass participation in small spaces
  • Builds fundamental movement skills and lifelong skills
  • People with physical and/or learning disabilities can play


 Badminton Australia also offers rewards to Schools/Clubs participating in Shuttle Time. To find out more, click here or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Badminton Australia can tailor the delivery of Shuttle Time Teacher Courses to suit various needs. Participants successfully completing Shuttle Time Teacher Course requirements will receive an international certificate from BWF, and will be eligible to accredit as a Shuttle Time Coach in Australia under the newly proposed Badminton Australia NCAS coaching framework. Learning about Shuttle Time can be undertaken in several ways:


1) Remote Learning (must be pre-approved by Badminton Australia):

  • Target Audience: Sport coaches, PE teachers.
  • Course Prerequisites: Participants must provide evidence of their Community Coaching General Principles Certificate OR Education Degree OR Teaching Qualification, AND Complete online registration for international resources and Australian assessment.
  • Course Requirements: Attendance at a 2-hour practical workshop, which includes a Practical Competency Assessment OR provide video evidence of Shuttle Time teaching experiences.
  • Course Outcome: Gain a Shuttle Time Teacher qualification.


2) Full Course (must be sanctioned by a State/Territory Association and/or Badminton Australia):

  • Target Audience: University students, Parents, Community leaders, or anyone wishing to gain a formal qualification to teach badminton.
  • Course Prerequisites: None.
  • Course Requirements: Attendance at an 8-hour practical workshop delivered by Tutors in each State/Territory. The Course is designed to give participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to plan and deliver safe and enjoyable badminton lessons for children using the Shuttle Time resources. 
  • Course Outcome: Gain a Shuttle Time Teacher qualification.


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